You Are Multidimensional EP – released 4/20/2015

You Are Multidimensional coverOut now in Purespace Recordings.  This EP presents material that covers the breadth of Ali Khan’s compositional style: ambient, dub and tech house. Slow melodies, softened transients, dense plate reverbs, phase-modulation, and other custom effects make this EP a pleasure to listen to, especially with high quality headphones.

The feature track is a futuristic rework of You Are Multidimensional, originally released by Ali Khan in 2004.

“Everything and Nothing are easy;
it’s what’s in-between that’s hard.” – Rudy Rucker

All songs written and produced by Ali Khan
Mastered by Giuseppe Tillieci (Neel)

Cover art by Ali Khan

December 2014 Compositions

Winter break is always an inspired time for writing music for me.  It’s also a time where I seem to establish new themes and compositional techniques.  In some way, I’m constantly redefining and reframing my sound, as I live another year.  I write this music for personal enjoyment and spiritual connection. I hope there’s something here that resonates with you too.

My favourite of the bunch is The Heart Knows.  In this song, there are four distinct movements: calm abiding, depth, groove and resolution. The tracking and arrangement was recorded as multiple live takes from start to finish. As a result, the progression and mix is organic and unconventional at times…

Spectral Dub shows restraint and uses much repetition to produce a trance-inducing groove.

Produced on 12/28, Love Poem is truly the sound of Kokoro Techno. A gentle string melody, chords swimming in layers of modulated reverb, delays and phase shifting effects all to create a warm space for the mind and heart to integrate.

Snowflake is an introspective and joyous take on the dub techno genre – inspired by a fluffy snowfall that took place on 12/22.

Finally, Solstice is a 20 min grungy, yet meditative, mystical sounding piece that travels into ambient, techno and in-between.


Live @ Nuit Blanche

Live excerpt from my 4 hour ambient techno performance at Nuit Blanche 2014.  Lots of new sounds and textures, inspired by some pretty cool people dropping by to visit over the night.  This one’s been featured as the 11th podcast for T_204 and available for download.  Enjoy!

Album: Zen Flashcards

“Zen Flashcards” is available on Dewtone Recordings.  This EP features four songs, carefully edited down from a much larger collection of more than 25 musical sketches composed between July 2012 and March 2013.